TorHound scrapes the exit relay data from, caches it, and utilizes the data to create configuration files for blocklists.

Note, during scraping, TorHound validates and normalizes the data to prevent errors, bugs, or exploits from being passed downstream

An integer is passed to set the date range.


The above would indicate you would like all ips that were used by tor exit relays in the last day.


  1. Create a cronjob that downloads to the configuration file every (n) minutes, name it tor.conf.
  2. Adjust your Apache or Nginx conf files to include this conf file
  3. Gracefully reload the service


  1. Simply point your firewall to the configuration using their stated documentation.


  1. Create a cronjob that downloads to the bash script every (n) minutes.
  2. Run the script

Windows PowerShell

Setup your own TorHound service easily so as to control your inputs.

Check out the project on Github.